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Our Team

Craig Whitlock, Chief Executive Officer, Renewable Biomass Group - USA

Craig H. Whitlock

Chief Executive Officer

  • Over 15 years experience of International Business Development in Agriculture, Defense, and Healthcare.
  • Craig navigated regulatory matters, coordinated with government officials/Heads-of-State & private sector stakeholders to establish projects with global teams.
  • Craig is a decorated, 13-year U.S. Army, Airborne/Ranger Qualified Commissioned Officer.
Jeremy L. Ham, Chief Financial Officer, Renewable Biomass Group - USA

Jeremy L. Ham

Chief Financial Officer

  • Over 15 years energy infrastructure experience in both private and public capital raising, mergers & acquisitions, deal structuring and negotiations, strategic planning and business development.
  • Founder and CEO of Greenfield Midstream, a private equity backed start-up where he raised and deployed over $400MM of capital.
  • Served as executive vice president at NuDevco Midstream Partners, LLC, where he restructured a private midstream infrastructure business, prepping it for an MLP IPO (NASDAQ: FISH) in 2014.
Kipp Workman, SVP of Commercial Relationships, Renewable Biomass Group - USA

Kipp Workman

SVP of Commercial Relationships

  • Responsible for Fiber Supply Chain & Sustainability Supply Management, QAC, and Customer Relations.
  • Expertise in senior sales & business development, SCM, and customer relations experience.
  • Formerly employed as a Petroleum Pricing Analyst, responsible for analyzing national and foreign petroleum supply trade, price setting and regional allocation.
Geoff Bedard, SVP of Logistics, Renewable Biomass Group - USA

Geoff Bedard

SVP of Logistics

  • Responsible for the “Forest-to-Fire” logistical chain and supply chain management.
  • Recently employed as Stoller Canada’s General Manager (GM), which distributes premier agro-chemical products.
  • Geoff increased the revenues for Stoller Canada >45% in 3 years.